About Us

Vancouver School Board Sustainability Connection (VSBSC)—formerly known as VSB Sustainability Conference—is a youth-led organization dedicated to creating a positive atmosphere where students have the opportunity to learn and explore sustainability. Our goal is to facilitate meaningful discussions around climate justice and empower youth with the knowledge and skills to enact meaningful change. 

How it all started…

In 2013, Vancouver School Board Sustainability Conference was founded as a one-day event for students across Metro Vancouver to discover sustainability in a new and engaging lens. The conference offered interactive workshops, hosted an NGO Fair, and featured mentors from the community—creating a platform for discussion and discovery. 

Our organization has expanded immensely since then, growing into much more in addition to the annual conference. During COVID-19, VSBSC held several virtual mentorship sessions for students to learn from experts-in-the-field. Last year, we ran our pilot CULTIVATE mentorship program as well as elementary school workshops across the VSB. 

In September 2023, we rebranded to Vancouver School Board Sustainability Connection, emphasizing our role in connecting youth across the lower mainland around the common theme of sustainability. Our team continues to work toward broadening our initiatives to create a positive impact as VSBSC. 

VSBSC Youth Head Delegates 2022-2023