What are YHDs?

Youth Head Delegates (YHDs) are a group of dedicated high school students from across the VSB secondary schools, acting as ambassadors for VSBSC. They are an essential part of our organization, helping us spread word of our events and initiatives.

YHDs are also at the forefront of sustainable action at their schools. Every YHD completes a sustainability audit of what is happening in their community and enacts their very own climate action project to engage schools with improving their environmental footprint. Stay tuned for more updates!

Being a YHD for the VSBSC has allowed me to connect with my school community, and given me the opportunity to educate others on Sustainability. Without the VSBSC I would just be a random kid at my school! – Chelsea Yu, 2024 YHD

YHDs 2023

The 2024 YHDs

2024 YHDS


Fun Fact!


Chloe Youngshe/herMy favourite subject is mathEric Hamber Secondary
Julia Chukshe/herI haved lived in 3 countries!Eric Hamber Secondary
Lian Yi Zhou Yushe/herI’ve played piano for 7 yearsBurnaby North Secondary School
Chloe Shengshe/herI’m an only childSt. Thomas More Collegiate
Chelsea Yu she/herI have double jointed pinkiesPoint Grey Secondary
Richy Hoanghe/himI sing and play guitarPoint Grey Secondary 
Aya Boudjella she/herI’ve lived in four different countries Gladstone Secondary School
Anna Taylorshe/herI love true crime podcastsSir Winston Churchill Secondary 
Habiba Aklshe/herI can’t study without listening to musicBritannia Secondary School
Aisha McIntoshshe/herMy favourite animals are nudibranchsSir Charles Tupper Secondary
Amitis Ghahremanishe/herI love catsSentinel Secondary School
Jafnah Islamshe/herI love to crochet Vancouver Technical Secondary School
Jerry Xionghe/himI have an annoying twin sisterPrince of Wales Secondary School
Joseph Zhenghe/himI can jugglePoint Grey Secondary
Livia Fatovic-Spurrshe/herI love Disney anything!Killarney Secondary
Shannon Leshe/herI can sleep through anythingSir Winston Churchill Secondary School
Mira Khangshe/herI’m left handedKillarney Secondary
Rachel Marcianoshe/herI create Needlepoint artVancouver Technical Secondary School
Ramya Shahhe/himI love to readDavid Thompson Secondary School