SPARK 2024

VSBSC presents… SPARK! 

VSBSC’s 12th annual sustainability conference:

  • Monday April 22, 2024 (Pro-D)
  • 9:00 AM – 3:30 PM
  • Prince of Wales Secondary

What is SPARK?

SPARK is a day-long experience focusing on exploring the intersection of sustainability and technology. ⚡

What will happen at SPARK?

Attendees will…

  • Attend 3 workshops about technology and sustainability 
  • Explore the NGO opportunity fair
  • Partake in an e-waste recycling drive
  • Ideate sustainable school habits and designs 

Why should I attend?

  • Learn about the innovation and implementation of sustainable technology
  • Engage with experts in the sustainability field
  • Connect with other passionate, like-minded students 
  • FREE plant-based lunch 🌿

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