Meet the 2024 VSBSC Exec Team


Samantha Sheh (she/her)

Samantha Sheh is a Grade 12 student at Prince of Wales Mini School. She had an immensely rewarding experience as a Logistics Coordinator last year and is thrilled to be returning as Chair! Sam feels incredibly grateful to collaborate with the talented executive team, working on year-round initiatives to engage youth with sustainability across the district. She is passionate about improving environmental education for all, recognizing that knowledge and awareness are crucial drivers for positive change. In addition to VSBSC, Sam is actively involved with Youth4Action and is a member of the Metro Vancouver Youth and Education Advisory Panel. Outside of advocating for sustainability, she can be found scribbling at math problems, pondering quantum entanglement, reading sci-fi novels, or baking extravagant pastries. Sam is beyond excited to make a meaningful impact and connect enthusiastic youth at VSBSC’s events this year!

Vice Chair

Anders Lee (he/him)

Anders Lee is a Grade 12 student at Point Grey Secondary. After having a little too much fun as a Workshops Coordinator, he is more than ecstatic to be back as this year’s Vice-Chair! Anders has always been passionate about transforming and uniting communities through ideas—creativity is a necessity in his life. As such, he likes to challenge the status quo by innovating. An advocate for social justice, Anders applies an intersectional lens to the organisations he’s involved with. When he isn’t planning events or fast asleep, he writes poetry slowly, competes in hackathons and business case competitions, and plays ultimate (poorly). Anders is elated to be working alongside an amazing executive team, and hopes that this year’s events sustain youth and environmental connection.

Logistics Coordinator

Mya Wotton (she/her)

Mya Wotton is a grade 11 Sir Winston Churchill Secondary Student with a passion for everything relating to sustainability. She originally became interested in sustainability through seeing the amounts of waste produced in Vancouver and wanted to understand the issue as a whole. After being a YHD for VSBSC for 2 years, she was excited to join the Executive team. As a Logistics Coordinator, she can’t wait to advocate for sustainability while planning an exciting and interesting conference. Other causes Mya enjoys advocating for, include (and are not limited to) human rights, mental health, womens’ rights and many others. In her spare time, you can find her biking around Vancouver, running for fun or napping in her favourite nap spots. Mya can’t wait to work with the amazing VSBSC team this year and create an equally amazing conference!

Logistics Coordinator

Ivy Jiang-Langdon (she/they)

Ivy Jiang-Langdon is a grade 12 student at Point Grey Secondary. From workshops with educators to journalling climate emotions with peers, Ivy’s passion for climate justice all started with a childhood love of nature. In high school, this love slowly evolved into advocating for environmental justice (shout out to Climate Education Reform BC!) Today, she is incredibly honoured to help empower students to learn and envision a better future alongside VSBSC. In terms of her  Logistics role, Ivy is excited to make sure that we get the best food possible and plan the greatest conference alongside VSBSC’s brilliant team. Outside of her work in the climate sector, you might catch Ivy doodling in her sketchbook, baking, or panicking while turning left on the road. Ivy is thrilled to co-create the best year on record alongside the VSBSC team!

Workshop Coordinator

Alexandra Chow (she/her)

Alexandra Chow is a grade 12 student at Eric Hamber Secondary School. She is very passionate about climate justice and making societal change through both awareness and systemic action. As a YHD last year, she learned first-hand of how amazing the VSBSC is, and is very excited to be back! In addition to the VSBSC, she plays an active role in her school’s Environment Club and her Youth 4 Climate Justice team. When she’s not leading climate justice organizing, she can be found working towards social justice, photographing things from the weirdest angles, or keeping her sourdough starter alive. Alexandra is eager to make the VSBSC even better than it was last year (although that’s a hard task), and hopes to see you at the future events!

Workshop Coordinator

Milian Chen (she/her)

Milian Chen is a Grade 12 student at University Hill Secondary, returning for her second year with the VSBSC after previously being a Youth Head Delegate! She has been fascinated by animals and the natural world since she was small, brought into the world of sustainability after learning that many species were in danger of going extinct. Spurred into action, she has since dedicated her time in founding Project KELP through an Ocean Wise program and running UHill Sustainability Everyday Club at her school. While not engrossed in her studies, she can always be found observing a bug at the side of the road or jotting down a poetry idea on a piece of paper. She can’t wait to continue collaborating with a group as awesome as the VSBSC, and is ecstatic to see what this new year will bring!

Public Outreach Coordinator 

Jenna Dong (she/her)

Jenna Dong is a grade eleven student at Gladstone Secondary. She has been involved as a YHD for three years and is thrilled to be back as one of the Public Outreach Coordinators! Creating meaningful impacts and inspiring others is of huge importance to Jenna, alongside taking action towards issues surrounding mental health, homelessness, gender equality, sustainability, and more. Aside from the VSBSC, she’s a passionate leader running the Good Guys and Climate Action Club at school. When Jenna’s not busy running around, you can find her dancing away in the studio, spending time outdoors, or at the gym. Jenna is excited to connect with the YHDs and youth passionate about environmentalism, and of course, with the amazing VSBSC community.  

Public Outreach Coordinator

Kayla Chen (she/her)

Kayla Chen is a Grade 11 student at Prince of Wales Mini. Driven by her interest in environmentalism ever since she was little, Kayla educates herself and others on sustainability through past VSBSC conferences, various sustainability projects, and venturing into a sustainable small business project earlier this year at VSBSC’s Cultivate 2023. Kayla is a dedicated volunteer who is actively involved in various non-profit organizations in her community. Her involvement with the VSBSC is her first experience with a sustainability-focused organization. In her free time, Kayla enjoys sleeping with her dog, practicing the Guzheng, listening to music, and connecting with friends. Kayla is thrilled to join the VSBSC as an Outreach Coordinator and is eager to advocate for environmentalism and make meaningful change with such an inspirational community. 

Graphics & Publicity Coordinator

Hayley Sowerby (she/her)

Hayley Sowerby is a grade 11 student currently enrolled in the Sir Charles Tupper Mini School program. This marks her second year actively engaged with the VSBSC, where she proudly serves as one of the Graphics and Publicity Coordinators. From a young age Hayley has been committed to Sustainability, from school workshops to avidly consuming nature documentaries. Throughout high school Hayley has remained an advocate of sustainability, and social activism. Beyond her involvement with the VSBSC, she is a lover of baseball, dedicates her time as a volunteer for her local thrift store, and is a proud member of the Royal Canadian Air Cadet league of Canada. Hayley is so excited to be working alongside an amazing team, and to spend another year in the VSBSC!

Graphics & Publicity Coordinator 

Iona Kim (she/her)

Iona Kim is a grade 12 student at UHill Secondary. She is excited to be a part of the VSBSC mission as one of the Graphics Coordinators this year. Iona has been passionate about environmental activism and sustainability since the beginning of high school, stemming from her love of animals and nature as a kid. She leads her own environmental awareness program as a volunteer at her local community centre, educating climate consciousness and creation of art/graphics to promote it. Away from her love of the environment, Iona is often seen painting into late hours of the night or re-watching her favourite netflix shows. And, of course, she is found creating graphics for the VSBSC instagram account!

Graphics & Publicity Coordinator 

Ellaine Gelizon (she/her)

Ellaine Gelizon is a Grade 12 student at Van Tech. Her interest in environmentalism and sustainability stems from elementary school workshops, while also scrolling through climate change related content online. Because of this, she is eager to be a part of the VSBSC as one of the Graphics & Publicity Coordinators, excited to spread awareness about sustainability through digital media. As co-president of her school’s Crochet club, Ellaine manages their social media as well as creates promotional material. Not only that, she enjoys being a member of Van Tech’s student council and a committed volunteer within the Leadership course. Outside of school, she enjoys drawing while listening to music, and crocheting mini projects.